Typical wines: from the hills of Bologna to the region of Emilia Romagna

Today we will take you on a journey through the art of wine-making in Emilia Romagna and its main city, also kingdom of tortellini: Bologna. Many people are familiar with the porticos and monuments of this wonderful city, but how many of you have ever walked in the surrounding hills, home to the cultivation of numerous vegetables and vines?

Discovering the wine-making tradition of the Bologna’s hills

In the heart of Emilia-Romagna, among the rolling hills that embrace the historic city of Bologna, lies a little-known but incredibly fascinating treasure: the hills of Bologna. This area is renowned for its natural beauty and millennial history, but it is also a place where the winemaking tradition finds a perfect home. The hills of Bologna are the ideal habitat for the cultivation of excellent vines, thanks to the unique territory and mild climate that characterize this fascinating land.

The wines of the Bolognese hills: the denomination of controlled origin

The "Colli Bolognesi DOC" denomination was created in these lands to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the wines produced in this region. Each sip of them is a journey through time and territory, a tasting that captures the essence of the hills and vineyards that produced it. So, which wines to taste in Bologna? Let's find out together!

Red and white, still and sparkling: here are the best wines to drink in Bologna

Among the vines that proudly stand out in the Colli Bolognesi there is the Barbera, a variety widely grown in Italy with dark-coloured berries, appreciated for its versatility. When aged for a few years, this grape gives wines with unique aromas and characteristics, appreciated all over the world. Thanks to its structure, it is perfect with meat-based main courses, such as boiled meat.

Merlot, originally from the Gironde district in the south-west of France, has found a new home in the hills of Emilia. Its ruby red color with violet hues is a foretaste of the sensory delights it offers to the palate. The result is a dry, soft and savory wine that goes perfectly with traditional Emilian dishes such as lasagne and tagliatelle, but finds its best company in cured meats, mushrooms and mature cheeses, especially if aged for a few years.

Among the typical wines of the Bologna hills, do not miss the Cabernet Sauvignon, with its garnet color. With its intense aroma and full but harmonious flavor, it is recommended with rare meats and dishes with strong flavors as well.

Moving on to the white wines not to be missed in Bologna, we must mention the Pignoletto, with its dry and delicate flavor. Its aromas of pomegranate, hazelnut and almond reveal themselves as a poem of taste even to the less experienced palates. Pignoletto is an integral part of the history of Emilia-Romagna, present in this land since the mid-16th century. It is perfect to sip with a few cubes of mortadella or as an aperitif with tigelle and crescentine.

Typical Romagna wines

In addition to these wine delicacies from Emilia, moving towards Romagna, the other part of the region, there is another famous bottled wine that deserves a mention: Sangiovese DOC. This red wine is distinguished by its ruby color and unmistakable vinous aroma with a delicate hint of violets. On the palate it is harmonious, slightly tannic, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. It is an excellent choice for lovers of red meat and fresh Romagna pasta dishes, such as cappelletti or tortelloni with meat sauce. It also goes wonderfully with mature cheeses. Its culinary versatility makes it an ideal companion for many traditional specialities of the region. 

Albana also stands out among the treasures of these lands, with its unique and multifaceted character. This variety, known to most for its sweet and raisin versions, offers a surprisingly diverse experience in its dry version as well. Depending on the production area, you can encounter it with aromas ranging from floral to fruity, offering a wide range of sensations to your palate. Albana, just like the Emilian hills where it grows, loves metamorphosis. This wine knows how to be sweet yet intense, but it can also surprise you with its strong body. It is an eclectic companion for the table, ready to satisfy a wide range of palates and complement your fish dishes.

Typical Modena wines 

Finally, moving towards Modena, how could we not mention Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine mainly produced in this province. Lambrusco is a real surprise for visitors tasting it for the first time, as it is a significant departure from the traditional image of red wines. Its effervescence makes it a lively and enjoyable experience. 
Its fruity flavor and bubbles make it perfect to contrast with the richness of the region's typical pasta and meat dishes.

Wine tours in Bologna

Every glass you taste in Bologna will be a sensory journey through the culture and tradition of Emilia-Romagna. From vibrant reds to delicate Pignoletto, these wines tell the story of our region, and learning about their production first-hand can only enrich this experience! 
If you are therefore interested in the world of wines and would like to get to know the soils and cellars where they are produced, we invite you to consult our catalogue of wine and food tours in the hills of Bologna!


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