The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2021

When you start to see hearts everywhere, one thing is for sure: Valentine’s Day is coming! Especially today, when many couples are forced to stay away and hugs are not on the agenda, we celebrate to remind each other that we are here, even if at a distance! Let’s celebrate to remind ourselves that all this will have an end, that we will return to hug each other, to travel, to go to the restaurant, to experience together!


gift card

What better occasion to give an emotion? The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2021 is definitely an experience to live together. Choose to amaze your sweetheart and give her/him a moment that will remain in your heart and that will no longer be taken for granted, because if we have learned that every moment spent together is important!

Do you prefer a group tour or private tour? Do you prefer a tour lasting a few hours or all day? Whatever the answer is, we have the solution for you: GIFT CARDS! We have thought of two types:

  • The CLASSIC GIFT CARD allows you to choose the amount you prefer and then decide how and when to use it! Buy it here
  • The GIFT CARD FOOD TASTING BOX allows you to buy a Bologna Food Tasting Box and use it whenever you want! Buy it here
Bologna by night


How does it work?

  1. Choose the amount you prefer
  2. Receive the coupon by email
  3. Give the Gift Card to an important person
  4. Choose together which tour or tours to participate among those on and
  5. Begin dreaming of the beautiful cities that you can visit and savor the tastings that await you
  6. Book when you want, the card does not expire!

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How does it work? With this card you will buy a Bologna Food Tasting Box without an expiration date: you will receive a coupon by e-mail and you can use it whenever you want.

With this box you will have the opportunity to visit Bologna and discover its secrets by following the scents of food, with 7 typical tasting. Inside the box you will find a map of the city with a recommended path to follow to reach the points where you can collect your tasting food and the suggestions to visit the city in complete freedom.

More information on the Bologna Food Tasting Box here, to purchase it as a Gift Card with no expiry date click here


perfect gift for valentines day 2021

What are you waiting for? You just found the perfect Valentine’s Day 2021 gift! Choose the Gift Card you prefer: be it your better half, a friend, a sister, a parent … remind them that you love them!

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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