The Quadrilatero of Bologna: Shop with a Bolognese

To eat well you start from the groceries: so said our grandmothers. Poor ingredients, depressing results. Follow the seasons, prefer - when possible - the zero km and know the traders where we shop allows you to spend less, have more flavor in the dish, receive advice (valuable) on procedures, cooking and recipes. 
Spending is a moment of sociality that many could never give up. A rite, almost, with absolute points of reference and certainties. This article was created to share with you the list of our stores top in the Quadrilatero, greedy heart of Bologna.

What is the quadrilatero of Bologna? 

The streets of the Quadrilatero speak of medieval Bologna and its rich history of guilds and trades. Today the streets of this part of the historic center are teeming with locals and tourists, but the Quadrilatero is above all the place where the people of Bologna do their shopping. An authentic place, not (only) a series of window-catching tourists.