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Azienda Agricola Moscattini

Azienda Agricola Moscattini : It is from the dawn of the last century that our family works in the field of agriculture; And it is for passion that, from father to son, it has succeeded in transforming what was an activity aimed at satisfying the family needs, in a company that today operates in several sectors of the agro-food sector. From the centuries-old tradition of which we treasure, we have learned that only by preserving the ancient “closed cycle” production system, where everything is born and developed within the company, it is possible to guarantee the very modern demands of quality of Products and Consumer protection. Moreover, the knowledge that we derive from an updated training, and the caring care with which we oversee each production function, ensure that the quality we offer, certified in accordance with the Community directives, does not lose that essence of Genuineness which belonged to the products of the past. Our store: It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 12.30 afternoons from 15 to 19.30. On Sundays open from 8.30 to 11.00 you can find all our products, such as: The cheese and fresh cheeses of cattle and goat Mozzarella fresh Ricotta Butter Salami of all kinds and Portzionatura Wines of our production as Lambrusco and Pignoletto and Wines Of the best wineries in the area and not. A wide range of products from rotisserie of our production as: Tortellini handmade Green tortelli or pumpkin Lasagne Rosette Canelloni and a thousand other dishes only to be discovered over a wide range of food products in general.  
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